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WageX by MIM Finance Company.
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Frequently asked questions.


We can’t afford WageX we already pay for HMO and pensions?

Zero-cost, Zero-liability – It does not cost you as an employer any fee or amount to provide WageX to your employees. Employees want help from their employer – It does not cost your employee to be pre-approved for up to 150% of their earned wage today.

As an employer am I a guarantor?

No, there is no liability or cost to you as an employer. It does not cost you as an employer any fee or amount to be on-boarded and you are neither a guarantor or surety.

What is WageX

WageX is a payment solution designed to give you fast, on-demand and flexible access to your earned salary whenever you want without waiting for payday.

How will WageX be managed?

WageX is automated – Employee verification and disbursement is automated, so it saves you time. Employer portal – We give you an exclusive dashboard so you can monitor and manage your employees automatically with access to a a relationship manager to support you.

How long will it take for my Company to be onboarded?

10mins, simply signup by clicking the signup link at the top of the page to onboard your organization. 

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